The 4 biggest and most dangerous virus known in the history of computing.

Today I want to share with you some of the most dangerous computer viruses and comments that are causing the loss of billions and enormous material damage.

In the spacious serious virus web history several world silently emerged in his presence, when due to some loss of millions of dollars, but Alumblyart, infecting many computers worldwide after appearing directly as emails fraudulent or other forms Snstardha at the mention of each virus, and its name in the unit.

front row 1 -  MyDoom virus

This virus appeared in 2004 and was a fraudulent message joins her, and in this dangerous virus, works car when it is open to the message user and even if attached letter remains closed, and can access a personal computer, even if the linking user does not open emails, caused material losses exceeded $ 38 billion after hit over 2 million computers worldwide, making it the most dangerous story

Second row: Virus Sobig F

Spread the virus strongly in 2003 and led to a slowdown in the work of electronic networks and hid inside the pornographic sexual image sent by e-mail, which is enough for anyone to click on the image even get his crippled machine this virus has caused estimated at 37 billion after hitting the two million device losses, and in recent achieved in computer security experts and the security authorities in the tangible success in the US and Canada in reducing the spread and eliminate it.

Third row: I love you virus

The source of the virus, the Philippines and is a view watch expression is a malicious program is restored, and the incursions of copies around the World Wide Web, many spread through email service in the messages had words I love you, one lovely phrase draws attention intelligent express his idea on behalf of victims virus disguised also many people think it's a .TXT text, while the actual file extension .vbs.
This virus caused estimated at over $ 15 billion loss and about 500,000 injured computer.

Fourth row: Virus red cod

2001 afternoon and was a fierce viral worm target particularly components of international networks, which make them specific components for communications networks, including aiming devices and points contacted sale, and destroy all private sites and public, especially using Microsoft operating systems and caused the recent losses and almost reached 3 billion


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