Internet Security - 5 Top Tips to Protect Your Computer Against Internet Security Threats

We are all aware of some of the threats that can affect our internet security but are generally blissfully ignorant of how badly they can affect us if they become a reality.

So whilst there can be little doubt that spyware, malware & insidious virus attacks can render any computer with internet access vulnerable, not all internet security breaches are immediately apparent so it is important to ensure that your computer system is adequately protected.
  1. Use the Best Antivirus & Firewall Software. The best antivirus & firewall software should be installed on your computer system & be updated daily with the latest security updates to keep ahead of the hackers.
  2. Use Secure Web Browsers. Make sure your browser settings give you optimal privacy and security & ensure that you update your operating system regularly to take advantage of security patches & updates.
  3. Protect Your Personal Information. Before entering your personal information or credit card details onto a website make sure that the URL is designated by "https" instead of just "http". The page's security should also be authenticated by Thawte or other reputable site secure software.
  4. Backups. Always do backups of your computer's files - if your system is unfortunate enough to get infected by a virus or worm, you may have to re-format your hard drive & re-install all your software & files.
  5. Phishing. If you click onto a website directly from a link in an email, make sure that the site you land on is the actual site you expected to be on by checking the actual URL. Phishing attacks dupe users into clicking an ostensibly legitimate link in an email that request the user to maybe update their banking details when in fact it is just a ruse to grab your details for their own devious ends.
In conclusion, protecting your computer from all of the threats in cyberspace can seem like full time job, but thankfully you can get all the information to protect your computer system from hackers, viruses, trojans & other threats to your internet security.
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